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Maintenance Module:

Maintenance Module:


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  • Base Setup
    • Assets & Equipment Import with Service History
    • User Role Setup
  • Maintenance Module
    • Maintenance Scheduler
      • Planned Faults/Services 
        • Faults identified via Equipment Pre-starts
        • Servicing configurable by Category for Interval or A/B/C servicing or Fixed Forecast + Custom Services
      • add UnPlanned Defects/Services
      • Filtered view visible via Day or Week
      • Ability to schedule to Internal or External parties
        • Internal completion of all items will be raised against a user
        • External completion will be raised against a company (All external jobs will need to be back filled by a system user)
      • Maintenance or Service Item raised a job workflow is created
        • Job workflow depending on type will require mandatory forms for completion
        • Ability to select servicing forms by type to define equipment specific checklists
        • Servicing checklists to be provided by client
      • Expiry Dashboard allowing to configure custom expiries to suit your business, sample expiries include:
        • Vehicle Registration
        • Fire Extinguisher
        • First Aid Expiry
        • Brake Test
        • Risk Assessment
        • Ad hoc (Client can create)
      • Upcoming/Overdue Service Dashboard
        • See upcoming services to assist in planning
        • Add unplanned Services
    • Defect History
      • Shows all defects raised against each Equipment
        • filtering by date range, by category and by Service Type (Type A,B or C)
    • Service Report
      • Shows all services completed against all vehicles
      • Filtering by date range, by category and by division
    • Equipment History
      • All Fault/defect history logged against each equipment.
      • Service history.
      • Equipment Flags available to stand down or mark under Maintenance
    • Servicing Maintenance Forms
      • 2 x Category Pre-starts (e.g. HV & Trailer)
      • 1 x A/B/C Servicing - Dynamic
      • 1 x Job Fault Repair
      • Vehicle Registration
      • Fire Extinguisher
      • First Aid Expiry
    • Training
      • 4 hour session online recorded

Ongoing Licensing Cost: 
Once the system is configured for your business, you will be charged $60 (plus GST) per user, per month.

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