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AI Kamera Ultimate

AI Kamera Ultimate


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Kynection's latest connected digital kamera features edge AI computing technology that
enables fleet managers to move beyond traditional tracking methods and embrace the new video telematics era.
Equipped with a powerful QCS610 processor, it delivers enhanced computing capabilities that make it a standout performer in its category. The camera's Android platform simplifies both system and cloud integration, while its high speed 4G LTE connectivity allows for remote live viewing, providing operators with full visibility of their entire fleet.
With its dual SD card design, and instant cloud backup the camera maximises recording capabilities for up to 6 channel video recording, making it the ultimate connected digital recorder for meeting the demanding needs of the transport industry.


Please note:

  • K265 w/ NFC  Includes 2 x 512GB Micro SD CARD & Entry Cable w/ 1Y Warranty back to base
  • Kamera only. Accessories are additional.
  • Kynection Cloud Kamera Portal for AI alert management and corrective management. 
  • The Kynection portal is a centralised location to manage all incidents we refer to as our Kamera Incident Management System (KIMS).  SAAS Charged at $35.00 for the first Kamera per month and an additional $10 Per Kamera Per Month after that, Ex GST.
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