Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, 256GB (SM-T870NZSE)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, 256GB (SM-T870NZSE)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, 256GB (SM-T870NZSE)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, 256GB (SM-T870NZSE)

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Take your productivity to the next level with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, 256GB. This tablet features a crisp and sharp 11-inch display, delivering powerful performance.  Added with it’s next generation processing power and an improved S Pen to unleash your creativity, it’s the ideal canvas you need to stay immersed.

Key Features

Best in class display
At up to 120Hz, the responsive display reacts to what's on your screen. It intelligently adjusts the refresh rate based on your content and helps you save battery as you watch and scroll. 

S Pen
Completely made over for a comfortable, solid grip, the S Pen also has ultra low latency so there's little lag between what you think and do. It's a big leap in the S Pen's responsiveness, giving you a true writing experience. Then when you're done, magnetically attach it to the back of your Galaxy Tab S7

Real PC Experience
When it’s crunch time for that presentation, transform your Tab into a PC with one touch. Slides almost write themselves with the efficiency of a full keyboard, larger trackpad and function keys. Marking up your edits comes easy with S Pen, redesigned to feel just like using your favourite pen thanks to ultra low latency that mirrors your motion. And before you click send, review one last time in DeX mode, Tab’s intuitive desktop experience.

Intelligent battery
The biggest battery on a Galaxy Tab is built to keep you going all day. Even after all that, you don't have to power down. Power up and keep going with Fast Charging via Samsung's fastest tablet charger, yet.

Get dual cameras including a 5MP ultra wide camera and a 13MP wide-angle camera. These cameras let you record video in 4K and offer a range of photography features including Single Take Night Mode and Night Hyperlapse. You can get additional features including front and back conversion recording and scene optimiser.

Auto Hotspot
One-touch tethering that turns your tablet into a Wi-Fi hub.

Blue Light display
You can keep watching the screen for up to 14 hours straight, because it's built to care for your eyes with lower blue light specifications.